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Competition "Enzymes of Peace - the Tree of Colors"
the nature and peace in the cinema and art

presentation work 30 April 2009

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Award ceremony to Protomoteca Hall in the Campidoglio in Rome

The twelfth edition of the International Competition "Enzymes of Peace - The Tree of Colors" on the themes of Nature and Peace is dedicated to the children of the Mediterranean.

Through the Art of Children, try all together to build, bridges cultural and peace, know, learn each other, talk, communicate ... with Children of all countries and cultures around the Sea our municipality.

Our boat is made of paper, drawings, poems, stories ... and will face all the hardships and the waves of disturbance of an era of blind selfishness.

The areas of the Mediterranean and the surrounding area will be involved:

1) Southern Europe (Gibraltar, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco)
2) Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo,
Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria)
3) East Coast of the Mediterranean (Albania, Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Turkey)
4) North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco)
5) Middle and Near East (Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Israel, Kurdistan, Iran and Iraq)

Always the Mediterranean was a sea of cultural but also conflict.
Over the last twenty years, the areas of Eastern Europe, and its coast, have been the subject of profound institutional changes that have led to wars, genocide, mass exodus, and so on.
In the Middle and Near East have not yet exceeded the historical conflicts in Palestine and Lebanon.
In the South Europe, in whose territory is located  the Italy, there are issues instead of the opposite sign, related to the well-being, as the growth of obesity, mainly due to reduced physical activity and abandonment the "Mediterranean diet" rich in vegetables and fruits, to include the diets of northern Europe.
From North Africa arriving each day, in Lampedusa and Sicily, hundreds of refugees with theirs "ships of shame".
In reality all children have had, and still have an important role, both because they are often themselves been victims of a blind logic of extermination (as in the case of the conflict in former Yugoslavia in the 90s), and also because were often victims of the logic of the greats.
The Children of the Mediterranean seek to have their say! To achieve a armony of Peace through Art, the Cinema, the Joy of Living, the Fables ... All in one area of agreement the Cooperation and Solidarity.

The sections of the competition are as follows:

1) CINEMA (short period of less than 10 minutes)
2) CALENDAR (illustrations for implementing the Calendar for Peace 2010)
3) ART (drawing, sculpture, illustrated books and various works of art)
4) FABLES (fables and nursery rhymes, preferably illustrated, in which the text does not exceed the 3 folders)

1 - CINEMA) Shorts on the themes of nature and peace (max length less than 10 minutes)
DEVELOPED) The shorts must be unpublished, or in any event not prior to the year 2004, on the themes of nature and peace. 
FORMAT) Works (1 per school) will be turned on any video format, but all must be sent in DVD format, for a duration below 10 minutes, and also in AVI file for publishing on-line.
SOUNDTRACK) The soundtrack, as well as any multimedia inserts, may not even be original. The teacher must referent a special 'liberation' which exempts the organization of the competition from the payment of royalties of the video produced.
WINNERS) There will be 1 winner for every type of school.

 2 - CALENDAR) Realization of the Calendar for Peace 2010
EDITION) The participants will carry out the illustrations for the Calendar for Peace 2010.
PARTICIPATION) Each entrant may submit artwork for the cover and illustration for a page of one month, at his discretion.
FORMAT) Work must be submitted strictly in A4 vertical (cm. 21 x 29.7).
WINNERS) There will be 1 winner for the first cover, 12 winners for the pages of the months and 1 winner for the second cover, without distinction on the orders of school.
WARNING) not include the timetable (days, months, etc..).

3 - ART) Drawings, sculptures, books illustrated and various works of art
TECHNICAL) The artworks can be produced by any technique.
FORMAT) Free, but without exaggeration (graphic works for the max size is 50x70 cm.)
LABEL 1) On the back of the work should be affixed a label with the following references: name and surname, with its address and telephone numbers, email address, class, teacher reference title.
LABEL 2) On the labor front should be affixed a label with the name and surname, school and the title of work. 
No. LAVORI) Each participant may submit up to 2 works.
WINNERS) There will be a winner for every type of school

4 - FABLES) Fables and nursery rhymes illustrated, in which the text does not exceed the 3 folders Small budding writers ... a "grammar of the imagination," or even "the suitcase of Mary Poppins" from which to release many stories and nursery rhymes.
TECHNICAL) The text should be brief and accompanied by illustrations.
In addition to hard copy, text and illustrations in the original, you must also send a CD-ROM containing the text (preferably on a word program) and the illustrations in JPG format to good resolution. WINNERS) There will be a winner for every type of school.

POSTCARDS FOR PEACE: The project also envisages the possibility of sending of "Postcards for Peace" among children in areas of the world where there is war and all other.
The catalog of postcards is made of 36 postcards with a selection of works in the last 3 editions of the competition.
Other postcards will be produced, and will be added to the catalog, with the works that will come for the competition in 2009.
To learn more and participate in the project:  

PARTECIPATE IN MULTIPLE SECTIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY: Schools can choose to participate in all the sections together.

EXPIRATION DATE NOTICE: All sections of the works in competition must arrive no later than 30.04.2009.

FORMAT OF WORK: The work must be submitted in original. And welcome to send a copy of the work produced in digital form on CD-ROM.

ENTER WORK: The work should be sent to: THE SCHOOL OF PEACE - CP 4096, 00182 Roma (Italy).

ON-LINE REGISTRATION: Schools, or individual participants may register immediately by sending the inscrition for e-mail: 

Registration can also be sent by telefax, No. 00390677279231 with the Office PT Appio Roma, indicating the fax cover: For LA SCUOLA DI PACE - Mail Box 4096, 00182 Roma Appio  (The fax will be well placed in our mailbox). The inscription implies automatic acceptance of the rules set out in the competition.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The registration for the competition includes a registration fee of Euro 24.00 for each school (Payment is excluded from all schools abroad). The inscription implies automatic acceptance of the rules set out in the competition.

PRESET: The work will be subjected to a preset (the list of eligible will be published on the website )

WARNING: The work will not be returned and the organization of the competition is raised from all liability on copyright, for any theft, damage or loss of works. The works received will remain property of the School of Peace, with a right of use and reproduction.

JURY: The works will be reviewed by a jury of industry experts and the organizers of the competition. The jury's decisions will be final and the same may also decide, in special cases, to adopt measures as provided by circumventing the rules of the competition.

CALL THE WHOLE will be refined and then viewable on the Web site:

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Registration Form Registration Form

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L'Arte dei Bambini per la Natura e per la Pace (retrospettiva del Concorso)

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